White Spreadable Creams

The White Spreadable Cream is made from the union of white chocolate and hazelnuts. It contains 34% of Nocciola Piemonte IGP Gala. These ingredients are combined to cocoa butter to provide a remarkable sweet sensation. Ideal for the most demanding palates.
Recommended for a sweet snack with a slice of bread or toast or to be used as dessert fillings.

Glass Jar of 220g

Also on request:
Food jar, in plastic of 500g
Food jar, in plastic of 1kg
Food jar, in plastic or metal of 5kg


The product does not contain genetically modified organisms, neither suffered manipulations or processes that involve the use (2006/1829/CE – 2006/1830/CE).The company applies a policy of OGM FREE.

Vegetarian food
Vegan food

Scheda tecnica

Crema Spalmabile Bianca Gala

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